Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Services may have specific conditions for use.
Eazy-Office.com shall adequately inform the client about these, which the client undertakes to follow.
Eazy-Office.com has no responsibility for errors or omissions in any service in besides to in a timely fashion try to remedy the errors reported.

Eazy-Office.com has no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the services and has no liability for any damages or loss arising out of errors or defects or information submitted in response to the services.

Eazy-Office.com is not liable to the subscriber or other computer resource, whereby outsiders that have access to destroy or distort data or information. Nor is Eazy-Office.com responsible for data loss.

Fees payable are in the form of entrance/establishment fees, subscription fees, service charges and other fees for additional services, and otherwise in accordance with the price list.

Eazy-Office.com has the right to change fees during the contractual period. Changes shall be notified at least one month before activation. The client has the right to terminate the agreement with 14 days’ notice if the increase effects monthly charges during the period of the agreement. Such termination shall be in writing submitted to Eazy-Office.com no later than 14 days before the activation of the raise. Some charges are paid in arrears other fees upfront.

Payment must be registered at Eazy-Office.com no later than the stated due date on the invoice, the payment period must not be shorter than 10 days. Payment must be made in the currency and to the account specified as indicated on the invoice. Payment shall be deemed made when payment is received in the account. Billing is usually done once a month. If invoice is paid otherwise than with the Eazy-Office.com issued invoice, the invoice number must be used as reference. Failure to do so renders payment to be considered completed when Eazy-Office.com had reasonable time to verify the payment against the invoice.

Eazy-Office.com is entitled to under the current billing period to immediately demand payment on the clients account if charges exceed the amount Eazy-Office.com from time to time apply as credit limit for the client. Eazy-Office.com has the right to suspend the client from using the service when the credit limit is reached and until full payment has been received. The subscriber shall within an appropriate period notify Eazy-Office.com if the invoice is considered incorrect. Sufficient time is normally one week after the due date. If client within a reasonable time objected to the invoice and maintains a just cause against the charge shall Eazy-Office.com allow deferred payment of the disputed amount until the dispute is finally settled. Undisputed amount shall be paid by the specified due date. Default interest is charged on the amount that the client will finally pay. Eazy-Office.com shall have the right to levy service charge on all invoices.

When payment is late, a customary penalty interest under §6 of the Interest Act is added. Furthermore, charged law regulated reminder fee and any collection fees. If client delays more than 10 days with payment after written reminder, then Eazy-Office.com has the right to suspend the client from the use of services until a full payment is made. If repeated delay Eazy-Office.com has the right to suspend the client immediately until full payment is made.

These general conditions apply until further notice. Term changes must be notified at least one month in advance.

If the change involves significant disadvantage to the client, then the client has the right to with 14 days’ notice in writing terminate the contract, but not before new terms are activated. The client is deemed to have accepted the change if the service is used after the change is activated.

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