Eazy-Office.com offers integration of solutions that provides a wide range of easy-to-use business applications, giving companies easy access to the software they can utilize to run and grow their business.

Eazy-Office.com is owned and managed by a team of enthusiastic and business driven entrepreneurs. Our head office is located in Malmö, Sweden – so we can travel quickly to our clients from Kastrup Copenhagen Airport.

The contract period is one month unless a longer period is agreed.
You can cancel at any time and we will stop billing you.

You can delete your account by contacting us
and request an ending of your subscription.



You can pay by credit card via PayPal.
It is also possible to pay by invoice.

All declined payment errors are displayed exactly as they are reported by PayPal or your bank. The alert appears in a red box at the top of the page after you submit your credit card information.

Unfortunately, we are not able to see the reasons that a transaction failed. Banks, credit card companies, Apple, Google, and PayPal keep this information hidden for your protection. To understand why a payment may have failed, you will need to contact your specific payment vendor directly.

Please click here to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance on this.

Yes, Eazy-Office.com uses 256-Bit SSL encryption to protect your data, the same level of encryption used by financial institutions to secure online banking transactions.

Yes, Eazy-Office.com ensures that there is an anti-virus and anti-spam system in place on all web and mail based solutions we provide.

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